Friday Workouts to Burn Extra Calories

Dedicate your Friday Workouts to Burn Extra Calories! Fridays always seem like the day that I “need” to get those extra tough and effective workouts in! Maybe right now it is more the thought of all the upcoming summer weekends here in New Jersey with lots of great food, fun warm weather treats and fancy summer drinks, but that is what life is all about family, friends and enjoying everything that life has to offer. Just do not allow yourself to get off track, don’t overdo it keep it balanced, eat right during the week, drink lots of water, exercise more and burn those extra calories off!

This was my workout today:

Cardio: 30 minute run on treadmill, in the warmer weather I always take this outside.

Walking Lunges with 12 pound dumb bells with one minute jump rope intervals in between sets

Leg Extensions- 3 sets of 15 reps with 50 Jumping Jacks in between each set

Leg Curls-3 sets of 15 reps with 30 Mountain climbers in between each set

Leg Press with Calf Raises-each 3 sets of 15 Reps

Running across a lot or track, tap the wall and run back to start, stop and do 25 squats! Repeat! Make sure you keep your knees in the correct alignment!

Chest Press with Overhead Dumb Bell Press – each 3 sets of 15 Reps

I finished with Push ups on the Bosu turned upside down, Planks and Reverse Crunches!

I was going to do biceps and triceps but I kicked my butt pretty good and just as I tell you all, be aware of your body, listen….. if it tell you enough, stop!  There is always tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend. Cheers!