Health and Lifestyle Coaching Services

Health and Lifestyle Coaching:

Health Coaching and Intuitive Wellness Programs are about helping people become their personal best by working toward better health through support, encouragement and education on how to live a healthy lifestyle. You will learn to listen to your body and recognize what it needs to be healthy and well. Learn healthy habits, stress reduction practices, fitness routines that you can actually make time for, self care and how to be more mindful and bring about more balance in your life. Please contact us for pricing. Our healthy living programs are designed to fit “you” personally, so a chat before purchase is recommended for proper program development and success.

30 Minute Healthy Lifestyle Q&A: (Virtual or Call In Only)
$100.00 per session

This is our newest and most popular service! Why you ask? Because everyone has time for this health and fitness option. It is literally 30 minutes dedicated to your personal concerns and questions about all the things that you “really” want to know about fitness and what works and what does not. Such as better food and lifestyle choices and any other topics that you would like to learn more about. Things that you may struggle with or need to be more educated about, just about anything that is going to make you feel your personal best and of course, Fit, Healthy and Fabulous! If I cannot answer a question at the time of the session, no worries, I will get the best possible information for you and follow up with an email response. Of course no medical advice will be given, that is for your physician’s expertise 😉

Energy Balancing Meditation

Meditate To Live Better! My meditation sessions include the beautiful addition of Reiki energy with a focus on your chakra energies. Meditation is a great way to center yourself, clearing your chakras helps clear out the collected energy that you pick up throughout the day. Chakra meditations are specifically meant to help you unblock each chakra and the area of the body that it controls. The goal is to unblock and harness the energy from each chakra on which you’re focusing your meditation. Meditation with Chakra clearing helps you connect to the invisible energies within your body, emotions and spirit. It opens up new pathways to emotional and physical healing, growth and freedom from negative patterns. You will be amazed with how you feel after just one session! This service can be 30 or 60 minutes in duration. Please contact us for pricing.

Workshops, Rituals and More…

We offer the option to combine the services that you seek and feel resonate with you. It may be meditation combined with Reiki, energy fit exercises, house cleansing to reset your living space, how to start journaling or a vision board with a set goal, Chakra identification and how to clear each one for a healthier, high energy lifestyle. Whatever you feel you need this is the place where you make up your own little workshop of combined services that fit you as an individual! How you ask? Contact us for more information how to get your workshop started today! Prices depend on the combination of services.

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