Reiki For Weight Loss

Reiki for Weight Loss. A fit healthy human aura and positive energy = A fit body and mind!

That is correct… you cannot be healthy and fit if you are stressed out, always in a hurry, eating incorrectly and feeling frazzled. I see this everyday with many people, they are busy being too busy and just spinning their wheels. This has become the new normal for many people and it really is such an unhealthy lifestyle.

Many of my fitness clients add a Reiki session to their weekly schedule as part of their fitness routine. Why you ask? Because Reiki helps to relax their body and mind which in turn restores balance and helps them focus better, to be more present and productive. The idea is that Reiki increases your entire flow of energy, and when your energy flows more smoothly throughout your body systems, you’re less stressed out and more balanced. If you reduce that one exacerbating factor = STRESS, then you can absolutely reduce the tendency to gain weight. Weight loss goals are more successful when you add Reiki and meditation to your routine.

Stress increases cortisol and that is the beast most of us battle. If a stressful lifestyle continues, cortisol levels can remain high and may eventually cause an increase in appetite and cravings for high-calorie “comfort” foods. Continuous high levels of cortisol can also make fat storage more likely.

So, what can you do?

Start a new fitness program that includes an achievable exercise program, trying to jump into a new fitness program needs to be something that you can actually do without stressing out about fitting it in to your schedule.

Learn what to eat to be more fit inside and out. The truth is, it is pretty simple, just cut out anything that is not a whole food. That means all processed foods must go! Your body cannot identify processed food which makes it harder to digest causing other inflammatory issues which adds to more weight gain.

Learn how to meditate, the benefits are endless! The mistake people make when it comes to meditation is that they think it will take up too much time in their day. You only need 15 minutes a day and some good breath work to really reap the benefits. Contact me for more information on how to get started.

Book your Reiki sessions! As far as Reiki Healing Energy and what it can do for all who receive it the benefits are endless. I cannot say it enough. Reiki has changed so many lives worldwide and is still growing more every single day. My sessions include Chakra balancing and realignment, without this we just go on day after day repeating the same patterns that make us get stuck in patterns and poor lifestyles.

What are you waiting for? Reach out, let’s have a chat to see what you need for a better health plan, lifestyle changes to increase confidence, boost energy and what we can do together to clear the space that you live in daily. Take a deep breathe, find your balance. YOU can find peace and a new start, all you need to do is step toward the light!

Restore and Rebalance

Happy Earth Day

What about Angels and Mother Earth? How do they work together to help us all living here as one? The answer is very simple they are EVERYWHERE helping, healing and protecting all living things on earth!

Every week I get asked these questions and more during my Reiki and fitness coaching sessions. In honor of Earth Day, I decided to make a quick guide of the top Archangels that I work with daily for anyone who is interested in learning more about these amazing divine beings.

Who and what are Angels? 

They are Divine Love and Spirit. They are pure spiritual beings. Unlike people, angels do not have physical bodies and they can appear in many different forms. Each of the angels are unique ministering spirits as the bible refers to them in Hebrews 1:14. It is said that God made each angel in a way that would best empower that angel to serve and protect humans and the earth whom God loves so dearly.

There are many angels and at different levels. So, let’s start with the main Angels that I work with during my Reiki and energy sessions. They are of the Archangel realm but there are also guides and guardian angels that come though at times with input and messages for the client. 

Archangel Ariel is known as the angel of nature and the environment. Archangel Ariel oversees, heals and protects all living things on earth. She keeps watch over the animals, water, land, air and plants.  Archangel Ariel is also in charge of the care of the elements water and wind. The color that surrounds Archangel Ariel is pale pink. I would say that this beautiful divine one is the SUPERSTAR of nature and all living beings here on our beautiful earth. Always keeping a watchful eye on all things mother earth!

Archangel Michael: The Angel of protection. I call him the “mighty one” Archangel Michael releases us from fear and self-doubt, protects us and clears away negative energy. 

Archangel Michael represents the element of fire in nature. Call upon Archangel Michael for protection and strength in all things. The color that surrounds Archangel Michael is purple.

Archangel Raphael: The Angel of healing. The role of Archangel Raphael is very specific, he is the Divine Healer. He guides healers and those interested in the path of healing others. This could be Reiki practitioners, medical professionals, veterinarians those interested in healing the environment. Archangel Raphael heals mother earth wherever she needs healing and restoration. The color that surrounds Archangel Raphael is green.

Archangel Gabriel: The angel of strength. Archangel Gabriel helps with conception and creation for all living beings on earth and sky. Archangel Gabriel helps guide spiritual teachers and writers. Gabriel was the messenger who was entrusted to deliver several important messages on God’s behalf throughout the bible, he came to Mary with news of her pregnancy. Ask for answers to important questions and wait for the signs and message. The color that surrounds Archangel Gabriel is dark yellow.

Archangel Uriel: The angel of wisdom. Archangel Uriel provides insight and intuition and can help us see though our third eye. Archangel Uriel specializes in helping with knowledge and wisdom. Uriel represents earth in the elements and can be very helpful for grounding and restoration, try laying outside on the earth to connect with Archangel Uriel. For me Archangel Uriel brings messages and information needed in my Reiki energy sessions. The color that surrounds Archangel Uriel is pale yellow.

Are there specific Angels that work with Mother Earth?

Yes, there are a few but the main one is Archangel Ariel. Archangel Ariel helps with environmental issues and the care and healing of all animals and beings on earth. Archangel Ariel watches over the trees, plants and the earth and works closely with Archangel Raphael the divine healer to keep all healthy and balanced. Ariel is also known for ruling the winds.

How can Angels work with the Earth and her beings?

They are the guides and protectors of all things on earth at all times. They help by guiding people to where there is a need for assistance, protection and healing. These people are called earth angels and do much to protect and preserve the earth. There is protection of the land, sea, earth and sky needed at all times here. They are guided to where there is needed assistance.

How can we, as humans, work with the Angels to help the Earth?

There are many ways, let’s just start with a few. You can start by creating a space and doing a meditation to call on the angels to protect and heal all living things here on earth. Plants trees and gardens in your yard and community gardens, all of the creatures here on earth benefit from this in a chain reaction effect. Wildlife, birds, bees and all of nature need these things to thrive and be healthy. This is a great way to protect and feed mother earth to keep her healthy and balanced.

How do they present themselves to us and can we build a relationship with them? The angels are all around us. They are keeping watch on the areas they are responsible for. Signs are everywhere, it is up to us to actually NOTICE them. But with humans it can be as simple as a sparkle which is referred to as “angel lights” or a quick movement out of the corner of your eye. Angels often appear in dreams too so keep a journal next to your bed. Most of us have simple signs like finding a feather, seeing the same numbers over and over, a coin that appears in our path or moved objects or flickering lights in our homes. Pay attention do not just disregard the simple signs around you.

Angels are everywhere, they are our constant guides that help navigate us through life, they carefully watch over us. They are there when we need assistance and guidance in all areas of our lives. All you need to do is call on them and they will be right at your side. They are able to be everywhere that they are needed. I advise people to take advantage of this amazing divine gift and powerful resource! It is the BEST stress and anxiety reliever there is! It restores peace and calm to your body, mind and spirit!

This is my simple guide to set intention for assistance from the divine ones.

Please help me see the truth of my own divine light. Assist me and help me see that I am worthy of love and happiness and that I deserve to have all my desires fulfilled. I request for you to clear and heal all the self-limiting beliefs that I carry in my subconscious. Wrap your wings around me daily and guide me to my truth and lead me to my rightful place on earth. U ask this with a grateful heart. Thank you.

Blessings, Gina

Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Chakra Clearing for Stress Management

Stressed out? Feeling a little bit frenzied in your energy? You are not alone! So many people are looking for help with stress management. Since the whole pandemic started, I have had numerous calls from people trying to get help with fear, anxiety and feeling loss of control. They all have one thing in common, they want to learn how to control it and live life as best as they can through a rough time in our world.

There is a way! You can help heal your mind, energy and body with Reiki, meditation and crystal healing. First step stop overthinking and remove the “what if” mindset. This creates a space in your world that actually makes you think of the negative things that you fear most.

Reiki is a great way to clear out anything that is blocking your energy field and can help heal past and present issues that you may have sitting within your chakra system. My Reiki sessions always include charka clearing and healing. When I am feeling stressed, I simply stop and just take time to do a breathing exercise with my hands over my heart chakra. You too can learn these simple techniques to help find balance in your day. 

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy is another great way to support your health and wellness. Crystals help when used in a Reiki session but they also are helpful with placing intention and directing your thoughts and energy where you want to be in life. Welcoming one of these beautiful stones into your world is setting the intention on you. To love and care for yourself more, to make better choices that lead to greater balance, energy and better well-being and health.

The following are a just a few of the crystals that I use, but there are so many more out there. When choosing a crystal hold it in your hand and feel which one resonates with your energy and needs. Be sure to clear your new stone of old energy and charge it with your energy and intentions.

Amethyst for grounding serenity and calm. It is also a stone of protection.

Rose Quartz for cardiovascular health, a broken heart and to create calming energy.

Moonstone for supporting fertility, menopause, PMS and hormonal issues, it is the stone of femininity!

Citrine for balancing mood swings, transforms negative thoughts to positive.

Aventurine for healing of the physical body, helps with willpower and confidence, helps balance the spirit, mind and body.

Black Tourmaline is one of my favorites! Shields against negative energy, it is very grounding and is used for cleansing and protection.

Selenite for healing, promotes peace, calm, mental clarity, and well-being. I use large pieces of selenite to cleanse my other crystals by placing them on top of the large stone in the sun.

Smoky Quartz to remove fear, depression and negativity. It frees emotional stress, promotes calmness, relieves stress and anxiety. Promotes positive thoughts.

Clear Quartz expands energy and opens blocked chakras. This stone is a great starter crystal. It clears the mind, body and spirit of clutter and creates balance and a higher vibrational energy. Wear on your left wrist as a bracelet or as a necklace.

For a place that really knows their crystals try Crystals On The Rock located in Nyack, NY! My favorite place for crystals!

Chakra Clearing

The wonders of this amazing energy system that is within us all! An ancient system that has been used for centuries to understand the body and its energy. There are seven major chakras. The Chakra system is complex so I just touched on the major charkas and the basics of each one. To learn more about Chakras and how they work, you can contact me for more information.

1st-The Root Chakra for grounding, stability, security, survival, the material world and manifestation. This chakra is connected to earth so spending time barefoot in the grass or out in nature is beneficial for balance.

2nd-The Sacral Chakra for relationships, emotions, self-worth, creativity, sexuality and empathy. This one beware, it governs your emotions, be sure to keep this Chakra clear of too much clutter it can create emotional turmoil.

3rd-The Solar Plexus Chakra for personal power, self-esteem, happiness, social identity, effectiveness, energy and metabolism. The power center of them all! If this Chakra become out of balance, self-esteem may be low and decision-making can feel off and not well thought out. Tempers and emotions may get high when energy isn’t flowing well to the Solar Plexus.

4th-The Heart Chakra for love, understanding, hope, trust, forgiveness, compassion and the ability to be open with ones feelings and desires. Beware of blockages that can cause self-hatred, anger and depression. An open Heart Chakra is filled with feelings of happiness, love, acceptance and compassion to all!

5th-The Throat Chakra for first and foremost COMMUNICATION! The Throat Chakra governs the voice and all that is kept in or let out of your mouth. A blocked Throat Chakra will create frustration and anger from not speaking your truth I have experienced the most physical symptoms in my work in this area. Sore throat, shortness of breath and always clearing the throat have been the top physical symptoms I have seen. Keep your voice heard with kind, soft spoken words.

6th-The Third Eye Chakra for visions, connecting to the higher self, intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities. When blocked it can cause lack of judgement and focus. Sit in the sunlight to help clear and balance your Third Eye Chakra.

7th-The Crown Chakra for enlightenment, the God Source, all knowing, connection to all universal energy and a higher consciousness. If this area gets blocked or clouded it can create emotional distress and a feeling of being disconnected. Spend time meditating and in prayer.

If you have been feeling in a funk or have low energy it very well could be a blocked energy in your Chakra system. Try doing a few self-help rituals to ground yourself and clear up some of the negative feelings that may be lingering in your energy field. It is not hard and the way you feel when you are finished is amazing!

If you would like to learn more about how to work on your energy and unblock some of the old stuck energy that you may be holding on to and how to block the negative energy of the world and life today please contact me to schedule an appointment. I will teach you a few easy ways to unblock and recharge your body, mind and spirit with Reiki energy, meditation and exercises that will keep your energy flowing and working at a higher, healthier level for a more positive life. 

Reiki and Exercise

Transform Your Life with Reiki and Exercise combined!

Most people do not recall every life experience that they have ever had, but our body and mind have a way of remembering everything that we have ever felt throughout our lives. It seems the body never forgets, luckily that includes ALL of the positive experiences too! This not only includes our body and mind it includes our chakra system. This energetic power system holds on to all of our negative and positive moments and experiences to form the foundation of our true self. Carrying harmful energy throughout our lives can create internal imbalances if left unresolved, holding onto things from your past has been studied and proven to cause illnesses. For many years in my fitness business I have stressed to my clients the importance of working with the human core which is also known as the center of our body. When we strengthen our core we become more grounded and supported through movement and breath work. Breath work, movement and Reiki can help release and heal trapped emotions that you may be holding onto.

Have you ever noticed that you hold your breathe when you are stressed or upset? This is a perfect example of how we can create stagnant energy in our body. This is the type of energy that blocks the chakra system. Meditation is great for releasing blocked energy and I highly recommend the practice of meditation, but this is more than that.

Discover the way your chakras work, learn to free trapped feelings in your body and you will notice a newly created space for new, more positive experiences and joy to enter into your life.

Using the power of movement with a healthy fitness program, meditation and Reiki will improve your mobility, fitness level, clear away stagnant energy to help you feel less stress and more at ease within yourself. This combination taps into your body’s natural healing process and well-being.

This amazing fitness program will help you uncover a greater sense of self awareness, release trapped energy and can strengthen your intuition. Let go of old habits, break negative patterns and past issues that are holding you back from living your best life.

I guide my clients to reach within their physical body to release negative emotions and embrace the outcome of true happiness and a peaceful spirit. You really can learn to transform mental, emotional and physical ways of living by learning to control your mind, emotions and reactions from everyday stress and experiences. You can achieve lasting results by developing new healthy habits, self commitment and new emotional wisdom to reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Physically we exercise and nourish our body to be strong, healthy and fit. We meditate and do breathe work to create peace and harmony within. We raise our spirit by raising our internal vibration with self love, gratitude and joy. These three things are the trinity of wellness. They are the key to connecting YOU to YOU! Stop running in circles, feeling stressed and our of balance and start working on your inner self to develop this connection and watch how things get better in your life.

At Fit, Healthy and Fabulous we train YOU as a whole person with the Body, Mind and Spirit approach. Clearing out negative thoughts and positively aligning these three areas of your life will help you to focus on your health and fitness goals, help you become more confident, find your true purpose, help you to realize what really makes you happy. Learn to LOVE your body, your mind and your spirit too!

Live the life you were meant to live! Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your health and fitness goals.

What Is a Reiki Therapist

What Is a Reiki Therapist? This is a common question for those seeking more information about Reiki energy healing.

Reiki is often described as energy healing therapy. Energy healing therapies are based on the belief that if there are disturbances in the energy fields in and around the body it can result in illness, depression and low self esteem. It is believed that improving the flow and balance of energy can improve health and well being within the body.

For a Reiki Therapist or sometimes referred to as a Reiki Practitioner to practice they must be trained and attuned by a Certified Master Teacher level Reiki Therapist. Reiki, is typically learned in three or four levels or degrees. Training for each level typically takes one to three days depending on the level being learned.

Each level involves an “attunement” by a Certified Reiki Therapist. An attunement involves the placement of energetic Reiki symbols through a sequence of meditation and movements to the crown, palms, heart and third eye of the student to prepare the student’s body to channel Reiki energy.

“We don’t consider ourselves healers, because the body is it’s own healer. Reiki just facilitates the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Reiki is based on the idea that energy is transmitted through the Reiki therapist from a universal energy source to the client to raise or improve the flow and vibration of the client’s life-force energy. The Reiki Therapist may also remove negative energy from the client by acting as a conduit for this energy.

I always include a Chakra clearing with my sessions. I believe that when negative energy gets stuck in our energy centers it can lower our vibrational energy which in turn can create patterns that keep us stuck and cause us to repeat the same actions over and over. Clearing out the Chakra energy centers can raise up your vibrational energy by removing stagnant energies and emotional blockages that you are holding you back from living a healthier, more fulfilling and positive life.

For more information on Reiki and how it can help improve your life, contact me. I would love to help you learn to practice Reiki by becoming a Reiki Therapist, receive Reiki, whatever you are drawn to do, follow that vibe!