Strength Training Is Back

There is a growing trend and I LOVE IT! Strength training is back! Although for me personally, it never left! I have been strength training since my early 20’s and find it to be the absolute best way to stay in shape, look and feel fit, be more flexible, maintain weight and feel strong.

Strength training is finally getting the well deserved recognition it deserves as one of the BEST ways to get in shape and stay in shape with a toned, fit and healthy body!

Strength training is the most important type of exercise you can do for better overall health. Most people have the misconception that you need to run, jog or do some sort of cardio to be fit, lean and healthy. Cardiovascular training absolutely has it’s place with heart pumping benefits, just not as the only exercise that you are doing in your routine.

After years of people following fitness trends with many of them stepping away from their weights and dumb bells, they are now realizing the best way to “get fit” and “stay fit” is to maintain muscle mass with a good strength training program.

The number one complaint that I hear from people about their body is loss of muscle tone, followed by physical weakness, belly fat, poor posture and balance.

We all know that weight training increases bone density which lowers the risk of osteoporosis, but it also builds muscle mass and increases your overall strength while burning fat. The best part of picking up your weights is that you will keep burning calories even after your fitness session is finished!  The ideal strength training program will increase your lean muscle mass as it reduces body fat, burns more calories, which will give you the reward of a healthy, toned, fit looking body. Of course you will need a healthy diet with protein and whole foods to fuel your body and get the most out of your workouts too.

For the ladies: The misconception that if women lift weights they will get big, bulky muscles and look like a professional body builder is simply not true. Women need not worry about looking like Mr Olympia since the ability to get huge muscles takes testosterone and women simply do not produce the amount of testosterone that men do, so in reality women cannot build the same muscle size as a man. So relax and pick up those dumb bells!

On a personal note; I once volunteered for hospice and worked with many aging adults in nursing homes and hospitals. The one thing that I noticed as I watched these people go about their daily lives was that the majority of them lacked strength and mobility. I truly believe that if they had lived more active lifestyles with strength training and daily exercise that they would not have been so immobile, stiff and arthritic in their daily lives as they aged.  Strength train now for a healthier, vibrant and more active future!

If you are looking for a fit, toned, healthy body, that will treat you well as you age, it is crucial for you to begin a fitness program with more strength training for increased strength, muscle mass and bone density along with the required amount of cardio training for cardiovascular health, stretching for flexibility and balance training too. Start light and build up your strength slowly. If you can, hire a certified personal trainer to guide you on proper form and a program designed just for you and your fitness goals in mind.

The following is an article from the Mayo Clinic on strength training and getting leaner and stronger, check it out at Mayo Clinic-Fitness.

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Reiki for Children

Many people believe that Reiki is for adults only. The amazing healing energy of Reiki is for everyone: infants, toddlers, teenagers, young adults, the elderly, our pets, wildlife and pretty much every living thing on this planet. In fact, children, young adults and animals actually receive Reiki energy better than most because they are not thinking about the outcome and what it really is, they are just receiving all the positive, balanced energy that it provides to them during and after the session. The feedback that I have recieved from children and animals is so innocent, loving, positive and truly heartwarming.

Reiki is a calming practice that can benefit children by promoting relaxation, increased focus and self-confidence. In fact, studies have shown that adding Reiki energy sessions at a young age promotes a healthier way of living and a more positive outlook throughout their lives. Regular Reiki sessions help children and young adults make better choices and create balance in all areas of their lives.

Many parents are choosing the use and implement Reiki energy sessions to help their children focus on, address and recover from many issues and stress in their lives.

Our children are dealing with anxieties, fears, peer pressures, sports demand as well as educational standards that are high in today’s society, it is a hard way to grow up and often children feel stressed, overwhelmed and often have a short fuse with loved ones and friends. They should have a balanced body, mind and feel more relaxed taking tests or participating in school or after school activities. Reiki can help with balancing energy and bring a sense of calm, it can remove stuck emotions, depression and anxiety.

So many childhood illnesses are on the rise, such as ear and respiratory infections, childhood asthma, stomach issues and type 2 adult onset diabetes, back and neck conditions from computers and cell phone use. Poor diet, increased stress and lack of exercise is also a common problem in children today. Children are living a more sedentary lifestyle due to the increase in technical devices and video games, which keep them sitting and looking down for long periods of time with less outdoor play and fun. Being outdoors, laughing and having fun is an absolute MUST for the child’s spirit! I still get outside, laugh and breath in the fresh air, if I don’t, I just do not feel my best!

Reiki has been getting great reviews as an additional treatment of Autism, child disabilities, ADD/ADHD, inattentiveness, irritability, emotional issues, hyperactivity, anger issues and defiance in children. Reiki is balancing, it can be of benefit and can provide soothing moments for parents too, parents often stay in the room and feel the calming effects as well and as a result have scheduled appointments for themselves too.

Reiki treatments are safe and non-invasive. Reiki energy works on all levels of the body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The body will use the Reiki energy to find balance within and adjust to the needs of the recipient. Reiki energy will always flow where it is needed most.

The Reiki Practitioner can simply be in the same room with a child without actually touching or even being close to the child. I have often spent the initial time of a Reiki session with a child, playing, talking, coloring, just letting the child guide the session until they become more comfortable with me and the Reiki energy in the room. As the energy flows and sessions progress, then changes can be made on how the child receives the Reiki energy.

Some of The Benefits of Reiki for Children Include:

  • Enhances relaxation and better sleep habits
  • Decreased symptoms of excitability, fear and depression
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Calms the mind, clears emotional blockages and promotes balance
  • Enhances self-awareness, self-confidence and successful outcomes
  • Reduces pain and discomfort of illness and disease

Reiki healing energy is an amazing addition to all of our health and wellness programs!

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Reiki Energy

The Benefits Of Reiki

So, what is all the BUZZ about Reiki Healing Energy lately? Everyone is talking about this amazing healing practice, I get it, I am Reiki Master Practitioner who gets to experience this amazing healing, positive energy every day. Reiki is the gift of perfect energetic balance to all living beings. Practicing Reiki supports balance and harmony on all levels. It benefits ALL living beings, people, pets and wildlife too! Healthy or sick, happy or sad, Reiki healing energy helps bring balance and restores the body from the inside out!

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing with energy, it is a powerful healing technique that was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui developed these powerful Japanese healing techniques in the late 1800s. Reiki (“RAY-kee”) is a Japanese word meaning “spiritually guided life force energy.”​Reiki can be used to improve and maintain your health.

Reiki is a great way to reduce stress and improve your overall health and quality of life. Many people use Reiki to reduce stress in their everyday lives and just to relax. Reiki encourages a positive connection between the mind, body and spirit while increasing a calm state and encourages a natural healing process within the body. ​​ There are people who have weekly Reiki treatments for stress reduction and as a form of meditation. Reiki helps balance out the energy (Chi) in our bodies, in turn helping us live a more positive and healthy life.

A positive mind and calm spirit has been proven to help with our focus and memory, allowing the ability to better cope with daily stress which in turn helps us all to maintain increased health, better personal relationships and positive connections in our lives. ​

The benefits of Reiki are endless… Here are just a few of the benefits that you can experience from adding Reiki energy into your life! ​

Reiki embraces the unseen energy that flows through all living things, it restores balance and peace to the body and mind. All living things are made of energy. Reiki creates many beneficial effects including feelings of peace, security and well-being.

Reiki helps to restore order to the body, mind and spirit. It brings about a very deep relaxation, removes energy blockages, detoxifies the body, provides a new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy. Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body and chakras in turn helping the body to function at a higher more positive level.

Reiki is not a religious practice but it is spiritual in nature. Reiki is a spiritually guided life-force energy.
Reiki is administered by the Reiki Practitioner laying their hands on or above the recipient during a Reiki treatment.

Reiki is gentle, noninvasive and powerful. Many people and animals experience a feeling of a hot or cold sensation during a treatment. Some experience a feeling of pulsing or a wave like feeling too. This is just the energy flowing where it needs to and working on specific areas that are in need of the energy during the treatment.

Reiki is considered an alternative form of healing that is accepted by many in the medical community including Dr. Oz! Reiki is now being recognized and incorporated as part of therapy in many hospitals and doctor’s offices worldwide.

Reiki can shorten healing time from surgical procedures and illness. Reiki can improve the results of any medical treatment. Reiki actually works in harmony with all kinds of treatments for people and animals too.
Reiki can reduce negative side effects from chemotherapy, surgery, and medical procedures.

Reiki can assist in cutting emotional chords that bind you and may hold you back in life. Many of us live with past regrets, abuse, insecurities and negative emotions that keep us repeating the same patterns in life that do not serve us well. Reiki can help remove those blocks and help you live a more positive, healthy life without all the clutter from the past keeping you from reaching your full potential.

Reiki has also been used to improve healing from emotional trauma, post-traumatic stress and other forms of psychological issues.

Reiki helps to get to the core of an issue, either physical or emotional to eliminate the symptoms. Reiki can assist in healing many physical and emotional symptoms and improve an overall sense of well-being. Our bodies are always healing themselves, Reiki treatment gives a direct energetic intention to the body’s ability to heal itself and be well. Reiki helps the body be aware of the healing process and utilize it to its full potential. As most Eastern medicine systems have proven, energy is everywhere, reacting from the outside and inside of our bodies.

At the end of your Reiki treatment, you will experience a deep relaxation, feel a sense of peace, have relief from pain, feel healthier, emotionally balanced, more vibrant and recharged! You also may sleep better, have a stronger immune system and experience better health and a more positive outlook on life.

The beauty of Reiki is that it is for everyone! It helps facilitate healing and increases positve, healthy energy in infants, toddlers, children, adults, the elderly and our beautiful furry family members too.

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Benefits of Meditation

First off there is a reason why meditation has been around for literally thousands of years. It is an amazing practice, packed with so much healthy, positive energy!

The word meditation comes from 16th century Latin meditat (contemplated) and meditari (measure) It is now known as to think deeply, to focus, be still, be silent, to be in the moment and is used as a form of relaxation and spiritual practice.

Meditation can involve focusing on your breath, your body and sensations, or on a word or phrase known as a mantra. Meditation is turning your attention away from distracting thoughts, everyday life and focusing on the present moment and just being in the moment. People are starting to get a better understanding of why it is so beneficial for so many areas of our lives. Meditation and mindful practice has so many benefits from dealing with illness and disease, pain relief, getting a more restful night’s sleep, helping with depression, gaining more control of a person’s emotions and daily interactions with others in business and personal lives. The list of benefits from this amazing practice goes on…

Let’s define mindfulness which is what you are striving for in meditation: Finding the mental state of peace by focusing on one’s awareness of the present moment. Accepting your thoughts, feelings and sensations of your body.

There are so many reasons why you should actually incorporate meditation into your daily life. These are just a few!

* Meditation is said to have four key elements that help us in different ways. The health benefits of mindfulness are self-awareness, body awareness, regulation of your emotions and your attention.

* Meditation lowers stress. Meditation and mindfulness is not only associated with feeling less stressed, it’s also linked with reducing Cortisol. Meditation can help reduce belly fat and inflammation caused by higher levels of cortisol in the body caused by daily stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of depression, illness and disease.

* Meditation helps you learn to breathe better. Meditation teaches you how to breathe better and actually helps your lung function. We live in a society that is so stressed out, in a rush and too busy, so busy in fact that we actually breath in shorter breaths, meditating teaches you how to take deep oxygenated breaths that are healthy and life giving.

* Meditation helps us connect with who we really are and what we really want in life. Being mindful of your thoughts can help us see beyond those rose-colored glasses when we need to really objectively analyze ourselves. It helps us to stop and be in the moment, which in turn brings things to the forefront and gives us the ability to think about things in our lives and make changes where it may be needed to increase the quality of our lives. It also gets us to step away from the cell phones and calm our minds and give our neck and upper back a break too!

* Meditation could possibly help people with arthritis and joint issues. A study in the journal Annals of Rheumatic Disease shows that even though meditation may not help to lessen pain for people with rheumatoid arthritis, meditation can help to lower stress levels in the body which could in turn help with negative effects of the disease and it’s symptoms.

* Meditation makes music beautiful and relaxing. According to a study in the journal, Psychology of Music, meditation improves our focus on music and sound, helping us to truly enjoy and experience the music that we are listening to during our meditation experience! Have you ever noticed how soothing the music sounds when you are meditating or getting a massage? Now learn to listen to more calming and restorative music on your down time and even in your car driving, add a few deep breaths and you are on your way to living healthy already!

* Meditation can help you sleep better. Meditation and being mindful can help us control our emotions and moods, it can also help us to get a better night’s sleep. People who reported higher levels of mindfulness after meditating felt more peaceful and had better control over their emotions and behaviors throughout their day. Meditation helps you handle stress better in turn helping you to get a good nights’ sleep.

* Meditation makes you a better person! That’s right a better you! Meditation helps us physically but it also benefits people we interact with. Researchers from Northeastern University along with Harvard University found that meditation is linked with more virtuous, “do-good” behavior in people. Further studies have shown that when you do good for others you feel good and that makes you happy, healthy and positive.

* Meditation can make cancer diagnosis and treatment just a little less stressful. Learning to meditate and breath properly may help reduce the stress when going through cancer treatments and related therapies.

*Helps you to cope with loneliness and fear.  Loneliness can be dangerous to the body through the mind and emotions because it is known to raise risks for a number of health conditions due to depression. Mindful meditation can help if you feel alone especially among the elderly population, which helps boost their health overall. It also helps with fear and mental health conditions.

*Meditation and exercise can help raise your immune system. When practiced together over your week, these two healthy practices pack a major wellness punch! Researchers from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Health found that people who engage in these practices miss fewer days of work from acute respiratory infections, and also experience a shortened duration and severity of symptoms. That is just another reason to add meditation to your health and fitness routine.

* Meditation helps with weight control. Trying to shed a few pounds to get to a healthier weight is tough. Meditating and Mindfulness training is considered to be an excellent addition to fitness routines and weight loss goals. Many people eat due to stress because meditating is a proven stress relieving practice it can help in a well-planned weight loss program too.

* Meditation can help your fitness routine too!  Proper breathing during your exercise routine is an additionl benefit of meditation, it teaches you to breath better by being more mindful of your breathes and posture, in turn helping you with your core strength and lung function.

*Chakra Clearing. Meditation with the added practice of Chakra Clearing is an amazing practice and one that I do daily to remove any negative energy I may have picked up throughout the day. Chakras are beautiful colored energy wheels located throughout or body. Chakras are where the life force energy is stored in our body, this energy is also known as “Chi” or “Prana” Chakras are responsible for the flow of energy throughout our entire body, when our Chakras become dirty or develop wholes in them from daily interactions and stress they will finction at a lower level and with low energy, this low energy can stop the free-flowing,  healthy energy in our bodies and therefore cause illnesses, diseases, low energy, depression and even pain.

Meditation is a simple way to improve all areas of your life. You can choose a program that is 8 minutes to 60 minutes in duration, the choice is yours. I always recommend smaller periods of time until you can sit calmly without thinking about all the things on your “to do” list. The benefits of Meditation are endless! Remember the whole point of meditating is to center yourself, be still, quiet and to find YOUR state of calm.

Winter Proof Your Health

Winter proof your health for a healthy winter season!

Power up your immune system with a few simple healthy lifestyle tips. It is easier than you think.

Don’t hide inside all winter season, take time to get outside and breathe in the fresh chilly air, walk the dog, take a nature hike or walk by a lake, this is invigorating and an absolute must in my week. Open your windows a few times a week in the winter months to clear out the house and freshen trapped indoor air.

Keep your workouts consistent. Studies suggest that an on again off again relationship with your dumbbells can make you feel sluggish and tired, making you more susceptible to winter colds, flu and illness. Following a steady fitness routine will help keep your immune system running smooth and full of healthy energy. Exercise is a great way to stay healthy overall and a necessity for everyone to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle. When it comes to burning fat and those extra calories it is extremely important to power up your immune system with exercise, good nutrition and adequate rest.

Get to bed early and maintain a regular time to get to bed every night. You have heard this time and time again, lack of sleep increases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which is a common cause of weight gain. Most people say it is impossible to get 7-8 hours sleep, these are the rules on sleep and that is the number needed to maintain your physical and emotional health. The first thing everyone in today’s society can do to get more sleep is turn OFF the electronic devices! Your eyes need rest from the computer screens in order to power down too. Try going to sleep 15 minutes earlier every night until you reach 7-8 hours. Read an old fashioned text book and relax, you are going to be amazed at how much better you will feel after just 10 days following this advise, I promise! My little healthy tip: Spritz lavender spray on your bedding and pillow case.

Add healthy colorful food to your plate. The more color the more Vitamin C boosting antioxidants. Yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peppers, carrots, papaya and apples are great additions to your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add a fruit as a snack daily too. I love the many websites and help available online, here is a great website to check out:

Cheers to a healthy, happy winter season!

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