Personal Training and Fitness Programs

Please Note that we are not offering the private studio sessions at this time due to high demand and space limitations. However, we are offering Outdoor, In Home and Virtual Personal Training, Health Coaching, Meditation Coaching and Distance Reiki sessions to keep everyone on track, healthy and fit!

If you really feel your best approach is going to a gym or private studio, no worries, we have amazing certified personal trainers that we refer and we are confident that they can offer you this option for all your health and fitness goals! 

Contact us for more information on our amazing new programs!

Energy Fitness Sessions:
$130.00 per session.

Virtual/In Home

These sessions are offered exclusively by Gina.

This is a very different concept in exercise and fitness! The approach in this session is to move out old stuck energy with movement and breathe work. This program is designed around the philosophy that residual energy from unprocessed emotions, beliefs, thoughts or memories can get trapped and cause blockages in the life force energy or “Ki”. Energy becomes disrupted when you accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative feelings about yourself or others. If these blockages are not healed or moved out of the body, they can eventually cause physical harm in the form of illness, injury and depression. I combine fitness, meditation and use my experience as a Reiki practitioner to raise the vibration of the energy field in and around your physical body with movement and breathing. This stimulates energy around the block to break it up and gently allow it to release. Once a block is released, your energy can flow freely to support the overall health of your body. The result is a more positive outlook, feeling fit, happy and more confident! Learn more details in our blog.

In-Home Personal Training:
Sessions start at $95.00 per session for the Ridgewood NJ area and are priced according to location outside of the area.

In-Home Personal Training is a great opportunity for people who do not enjoy the gym setting and have equipment in their homes. The fitness equipment can be very basic or have all the bells and whistles, a good workout does not require machines and heavy weights! Fitness bands, light weights, a core ball, your attendance, motivation and personal fitness goals are all that is required.

Online/Virtual Personal Training Programs:

$85.00 per session.

This was a favorite go to during the pandemic and many loved the convenience of the virtual option so much for the convenience and time that they saved not traveling to the gym that they stuck with it which in turn created a whole new space at Fit, Healthy and Fabulous! So we now offer On Online/Virtual Personal Training Programs due to the very high demand for it. Still the same one on one private fitness session experience only on screen.

One-On-One Personal Training: (Studio)
$95.00 per session

Please Note: There is a wait list for One on One sessions in the studio with Gina. But we do have other certified trainers that we can refer for your fitness goals.

The Studio Option is for those who want to be out there in the gym setting type atmosphere. Please inquire about the availability, this option is often fully booked with a waiting list.

Small Group Training:
(1) 60-minute session- $50.00 per person
(Four Person Minimum – Six Maximum for Small Group Pricing)

This option is great for those who like getting together and staying fit with friends and family. It is fun and motivational too!
*Available for in home only and outdoor in the warmer months are available too!
*There must be an available group class or you can create your own group of friends to participate in small group training.

*All Personal Training Services come with a one time, seven day food journal analysis, because what you do outside of your exercise and fitness program, such as your daily food intake and habits are important for you to reach the results that you desire.

*Packages expire 90 days from purchase date to ensure accountability, commitment to the program and desired results! (Excludes the six month commitment programs)

*Ask us about our specials for six month commitment programs and packages!

*We accept PayPal and Venmo.