Shoulder Workout

I hope that you all got your workouts in today? While I like to call this a shoulder workout it really is a shoulder workout PLUS……I have a hard time doing one body part the old fashioned way these days, plus it is so much more time consuming most of us want a quick effective workout and less time in the gym! But a good body part workout does have it’s place in the gym and fitness world!

I have to say, I love, love love, a good shoulder workout! I love the toned look us ladies get in a halter or tank top, but as I get older they do not love me so much! But that’s ok I am still able to achieve the results that I want by lowering the weight and not pushing the joints out of my comfort zone. Today I did a great shoulder workout with a mix of arms and abs.

I did all the exercises in 3 sets to failure of reps, which turned out to be between 12-18.

Cardio: 30 minutes run/walk on Treadmill and 15 minutes on the Rowing Machine.

Front Raises with 5 pound dumb bells
Scaptions Raises with 6 pound dumb bells
Shoulder Press 6 pound dumb bells
Bent Arm Lateral Raises 10 pound dumb bells

Bicep curls with 12 pound dumb bells
Preacher curls with 10 pound plates
Hammer curls with 10 pound dumb bells

Push ups with the Bosu turned upside down (one of my favorite add ons)
V crunches with a 5 pound body bar
Pilates hundreds
Oblique side crunches
TRX V-ups