It’s Sunday! Have Fun and Relax

Since we really do run around all week long we need to take time out of the weekend to enjoy life and our friends and family! Do what makes you feel happy, go to the beach, the park or a hike in the mountains. I even take a run early in the morning and listen to everything around me, like the birds to relax. Find that place that makes you feel at peace.

Some of my followers know how much I love dogs and that I am on the Board of Directors for Southern Comfort Animal Rescue and also a volunteer with FOWA Rescue. This is my charity work, BUT also one of the ways that I relax and find peace. Knowing these little angels are safe in new homes that will love and care for them is happy stuff to me. So it is a win-win situation! We hold an adoption event once a month and this weekend was it. With every adoption event I get to hang out with cute pups, great friends and make a diffence!

Remember to “Adopt a Dog, Do Not Buy a Dog.

Have a Great Sunday! It may be the weekend, but try to eat healthy and come back to my blog this week, I will be posting some great new information on healthy snacks!