Despite what the media tells us, no one is PERFECT! Perfection is a standard that is hard to keep up with and should not be chased! However, trying to be the best YOU that you can comfortably be is not only obtainable it is a positive approach to being happy, healthy and fit.

With all the airbrushed pictures of celebrities in the media and publications that we are subjected to on a daily basis it is no wonder that we tend to put more pressure on ourselves to achieve aesthetic, physical and fitness goals that are not realistic for people that read these articles.

The best way to achieve your personal goals is to first become comfortable with who you are and set realistic goals with your coach that are achievable. Being healthy is not just about what you see in the mirror! Once you establish your goals and recognize what has set you back in past attempts to be fit and well you will be on your way to a new YOU that is your idea of perfect and on YOUR terms!

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