What Is This New Healthy Act Called Electronic Sundown

Is “THIS” how you feel everyday around mid to late afternoon?

MP900426461 What Is This New Healthy Act Called Electronic Sundown? Is it for real or just another new phrase out there? It is real! It is when you turn off all of the electronics in your home and prepare for a great night’s sleep. Yes, I said it, A GREAT NIGHT”S SLEEP! The one thing so many people wish for every night at bedtime while they are on their cellphones and computers in bed with the TV on in the background! Electronic Sundown is the act of turning off ALL devises in your home, your TV, computer, cellphone at least one hour before bedtime. Melatonin, the hormone used for a peaceful night’s sleep, requires darkness and the bright light of your electronics fool your body into thinking it is still daylight, in turn decreasing the melatonin production that is required to wind your body down for a good night’s sleep! In a world of people that seem to never be able to do ANYTHING without their cellphones, it is no wonder one of the biggest complaints is “I have a hard time sleeping” or “I did not sleep well at all last night” and due to this many people take sleeping pills to sleep and this may not be the answer, they can cause side effects and latent effect illnesses too! These poor sleep habits are also associated with chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, so TURN those cellphones off at bedtime! Try this healthy habit for one full week and see if you feel more rested, alert and healthy!