Women Should Be Weight Lifting

Actually, Women Should Be Weight Lifting!

The most common misconception is that if women lift weights they will get big, bulky muscles and look like a professional body builder, this is not true and I am sure that professional body builders all over the world wish it were that easy! To their credit, it takes a lot of discipline and dedication to get to look like that! Women need not worry about looking like Mr Olympia since the ability to get huge muscles takes testosterone and women simply do not produce the amount of testosterone that men do, so in reality women cannot build the same muscle size as a man.

Women actually need more weight lifting in their daily routines as they age because it slows down the progression of osteoporosis, it also helps all those trouble areas stay up and toned! Be sure to  increase your weights as you build strength, it is the repeated tearing and repairing of muscle fibers that builds definition and strength.

Most people think that they need to do a lot of cardio training to lose weight and get in shape, cardio may burn more calories while you are doing it, but you will burn more calories after your weight training session is over that will continue long after your session is complete!

So let’s go ladies, pick up those weights and get that toned tight body you have always dreamed of!