Are You Drinking Enough Water Daily

Are You Drinking Enough Water Daily

You have heard it time and time again; drinking water is a must for your health and well being. Most fluids are achieved through drinking fluids but you can also meet the daily fluid requirement through foods you eat that have a high water content such as soups, watermelon, celery and tomatoes. While all these are great choices, water is essential to good health, so be sure to drink up!

Water keeps your body temperature normal, protects your spinal cord and tissue, and helps detoxify the body by removing waste through perspiration.

Not drinking enough water can weaken your immune system too. Keeping your body hydrated can help prevent catching colds and the flu and also helps with a cough too.

Are you gaining extra pounds? Studies have shown that drinking water can help control your appetite and keep calorie intake down.

Do you feel tired all the time? Drinking water can boost your energy, instead of coffee for that mid day slump; try a fresh glass of water.

Achy joints? Did you know that water actually helps lubricate joints and can help alleviate pain? So drink up, keep your body healthy and in motion it is important to exercise too!

Dull complexion? If your skin looks dull and not so bright and healthy you could be dehydrated, drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and lessens the look of wrinkles too.

If you do not like the taste of water, try infusing your water with lemon lime or berries!

Choose water instead of sugar-sweetened drinks. Substituting water for one 20-ounce sugar sweetened soda or drink will save you about 240 calories, which will also help with weight loss and management.

Drinking too much water too fast can lead to water intoxication, which occurs when water dilutes the sodium level in the bloodstream and causes an imbalance of water in the brain. Be sure to drink the recommended amount, most studies have produced varying recommendations over the last several years, your water needs depend on many factors, including your health, lifestyle, how active you are and where you live.

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