Is Your Desk Job Making You Unhealthy?

Is Your Desk Job Making You Unhealthy?

Back and neck pain is at an all time high and we need to start reversing the effects on our bodies now, before it becomes a permanent issue on our posture and long term heath!

The American Academy of Family Physicians has warned of the possible dangers of prolonged sitting and serious health risks, including a shorter lifespan and increased risk of disease, the AAFP also said it is even more pronounced in people who never exercise or do so only on occasion. But the reality is that most office jobs require a long day working in front of a computer.

Most of us have to work, so what should we do? It is really pretty simple, get moving with a few stretches and by getting up and moving your body throughout the workday to help counteract tightness in the hips, back and shoulders, which are the main areas, affected by sitting all day!

“As we sit throughout the day, the energy in the spine gets stiff and stagnant, you need to elongate the spine, and it will energize the nervous and muscle systems in our bodies. That’s why standing up and doing a few the back bends are so invigorating; they open up the spine and allow energy and blood to flow back into the area and it also opens up the chest muscles, which really opens up the body’s energy flow. Add neck and shoulder stretches and lots of water throughout your workday and you will feel like a new person the first day you begin!

So now you know what to do during the day to stay fit and energized, you also need to find a few times per week to get your exercise routines in, it is a must for your health and well being, trust me it is a lot easier to make time for yourself now than it is to recover from a illness or surgery caused by a sedentary lifestyle! So get up and get moving.

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