Reiki For Weight Loss

Reiki for Weight Loss. A fit healthy human aura and positive energy = A fit body and mind!

That is correct… you cannot be healthy and fit if you are stressed out, always in a hurry, eating incorrectly and feeling frazzled. I see this everyday with many people, they are busy being too busy and just spinning their wheels. This has become the new normal for many people and it really is such an unhealthy lifestyle.

Many of my fitness clients add a Reiki session to their weekly schedule as part of their fitness routine. Why you ask? Because Reiki helps to relax their body and mind which in turn restores balance and helps them focus better, to be more present and productive. The idea is that Reiki increases your entire flow of energy, and when your energy flows more smoothly throughout your body systems, you’re less stressed out and more balanced. If you reduce that one exacerbating factor = STRESS, then you can absolutely reduce the tendency to gain weight. Weight loss goals are more successful when you add Reiki and meditation to your routine.

Stress increases cortisol and that is the beast most of us battle. If a stressful lifestyle continues, cortisol levels can remain high and may eventually cause an increase in appetite and cravings for high-calorie “comfort” foods. Continuous high levels of cortisol can also make fat storage more likely.

So, what can you do?

Start a new fitness program that includes an achievable exercise program, trying to jump into a new fitness program needs to be something that you can actually do without stressing out about fitting it in to your schedule.

Learn what to eat to be more fit inside and out. The truth is, it is pretty simple, just cut out anything that is not a whole food. That means all processed foods must go! Your body cannot identify processed food which makes it harder to digest causing other inflammatory issues which adds to more weight gain.

Learn how to meditate, the benefits are endless! The mistake people make when it comes to meditation is that they think it will take up too much time in their day. You only need 15 minutes a day and some good breath work to really reap the benefits. Contact me for more information on how to get started.

Book your Reiki sessions! As far as Reiki Healing Energy and what it can do for all who receive it the benefits are endless. I cannot say it enough. Reiki has changed so many lives worldwide and is still growing more every single day. My sessions include Chakra balancing and realignment, without this we just go on day after day repeating the same patterns that make us get stuck in patterns and poor lifestyles.

What are you waiting for? Reach out, let’s have a chat to see what you need for a better health plan, lifestyle changes to increase confidence, boost energy and what we can do together to clear the space that you live in daily. Take a deep breathe, find your balance. YOU can find peace and a new start, all you need to do is step toward the light!

Restore and Rebalance