Reiki Healing

Understanding Reiki Healing and how it works.

Reiki (“RAY-kee”) is a Japanese word meaning “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki is a relaxing, powerful healing technique that was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. Dr. Usui developed these powerful Japanese healing techniques in the late 1800’s, Reiki was originally intended for spiritual development. However, Reiki is being used today for hands-on treatments as well as from a distance or remotely to rebalance energy which in turn assists the healing process in all living things. Reiki is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through every living thing and is what ensures us to be alive, breathing, healthy and vibrant.

It is believed that when a person’s life force energy is low or blocked, their body is running on a lower vibration and they are more likely to experience pain or become ill. If it is running on a higher vibration and flowing smoothly through the body then the person is more resilient to pain, illness and disease. To most people this is known as living a “positive” or “negative” life. Reiki therapy helps balance the energy system of the body, by increasing the vibrational frequency. It is believed that when the life force energy (aka: chi) within the body is balanced it leads to increased relaxation, improved health and an overall feeling of well-being and happiness. Reiki is perfect energetic balance and it helps restore that perfect energetic balance in our bodies from the inside out.

During a Reiki treatment, the practitioner places their hands on or above the recipient’s body usually starting at the head, holding the position until the energy starts to flow, the hand positions move over the body until all areas are complete. Reiki will always flow to the areas where it is needed most in the recipient be it physical, mental or spiritual. Most people feel an immediate sense of relaxation, peace and relief from pain, some feel the effects a few hours or days later. Many people have said that they experience a tingling sensation, a rippling effect, sudden warmth or coolness during a Reiki session. Each person has a different experience with Reiki and always a positive healing outcome.

Reiki brings about a very deep state of relaxation, helps remove emotional and physical energy blockages, detoxifies the body systems and renews vitality in the form of healing energy.

Reiki can be used alone or in conjunction with many forms of medical or therapeutic treatments, as a matter of fact it has been gaining so much popularity due to it’s effectiveness many veterinarian, medical and cancer treatment centers are now offering Reiki sessions to their patients.

Reiki is getting much praise for helping children and adults with special needs. Be sure to check out our Reiki For Kids page to find out the many benefits of Reiki healing energy for children.

Reiki is being used for weight loss as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle by reducing stress and cortisol levels, cortisol has been shown to cause weight gain and inflammation in the body.

Reiki is amazing when used by those who are studying for tests, exams or experiencing stress from college, continuing education courses and the pressures of everyday corporate life.

Some of the many benefits of Reiki therapy are:

Treats the whole body as well as specific physical symptoms and pain.

Alleviates pain and discomfort from acute and chronic conditions and illnesses.

Can be used to support patients before and after surgical and medical procedures.

Helps relieve side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Helps to relieve anxiety associated with disease, illness and emotional distress.

Promotes better health and healing.

Enhances the immune system for a healthier, better quality of life.

Reduces everyday stress and anxiety.

Reduces fatigue and insomnia.

Promotes positive thinking.

Improves emotional well-being by clearing emotional wounds, mental blocks and painful memories.

Restores balance to our personal energy and corrects disturbances in our energy fields (aura), centers (chakras)and pathways (meridians).

Releases toxins, clearing our bodies of impurities and stagnant energies.

Reiki’s gentle energy helps bring comfort through the grieving process.

Reiki restores balance and positive energy to the mind and body. Reiki brings an overall sense of serenity and inner peace.

Experience a deep relaxation, relief from pain, emotional balance, feel healthier, peaceful and have a positive, happier mindset!

Have pets? I LOVE the animals and offer Animal Reiki Treatments to your furry loved ones, shelter pets and wildlife in rehabilitation rescue centers. Animals suffer from anxiety, emotional upset, arthritis, illness and injury just like we do. Reiki can accelerate the healing of wounds, breaks and strains, it also helps soothe and calm stressed animals and helps promote an overall feeling of well-being. I have seen great results and benefits with Reiki treatments on animals and they love the relaxing feeling and calming effect that Reiki healing energy offers too! Check out my Pet Reiki website too!

I also offer Reiki Training Workshops and Classes for those looking to learn Reiki as a lifestyle or to expand their professional business development.

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Please keep in mind that you should always speak to your medical doctor before beginning a new diet, health, wellness or exercise program.

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