Reiki Services In New Jersey

Refocus the Mind, Refresh the Body and Restore the Spirit!

When your life force energy is low or blocked, your body is running on a lower vibration and you are more likely to experience pain or become ill. If it is running on a higher vibration and flowing smoothly through your body then you are more resilient to pain, illness and disease. To most people this is known as living a “positive” or “negative” life.

Reiki healing therapy helps balance the energy systems of the body, by increasing the vibrational frequency. It is believed that when the life force energy (aka: chi) within the body is balanced it leads to increased relaxation, improved health and an overall feeling of well-being and happiness.

Reiki is perfect energetic balance and it helps restore that perfect energetic balance in our bodies from the inside out.

Reiki Services:

  • Reiki Energy Session: $130.00 (travel fee applies if in home)
  • Distance Reiki Energy Session: 130.00
  • Chakra Clearing and Rebalancing Healing Session: 130.00
  • Reiki Energy Session for Your Pet: 95.00 (travel fee applies if in home)
  • Distance Reiki Energy Session for Your Pet: 95.00

*For more information specific to pets go to

*Please Note: The time for an Animal Reiki session varies according to the animal and the way they receive the energy at the time of the session.  In my experience animals and pets are more receptive and often the energy is fast and effective in a shorter period of time.

*An additional fee may be added to off-site and in-home appointments.

Schedule your Reiki Healing Session Today! Not located in the New Jersey area? No worries, we offer remote Reiki sessions too! Contact us for more information about how you can benefit from Reiki no matter where you live!


Just for today,
I will not anger.

 Just for today,
I will not worry.

 Just for today,
I will be humble and grateful for my many blessings.

 Just for today,
I will do my work honestly and with integrity.

 Just for today,
I will be loving and compassionate to myself and to every living thing.

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