Reiki and Energy Clearing

Reiki and Energy Clearing for Your Home, Business and More…

Reiki and Energy Clearing helps balance your energy systems within your body by increasing the vibrational frequency and patterns. It is believed that when the life force energy (aka: chi) within the body is balanced it leads to increased relaxation, improved health and an overall feeling of well-being and happiness. 

When your life force energy is low or blocked, your body is running on a lower vibration and you are more likely to experience pain or become ill. Many people feel sluggish and depressed when they are energetically blocked. If your energy is running on a higher vibration and flowing smoothly through your body then you are more resilient to pain, illness and disease. You will have a more positive and happy mindset, feel less depressed and hopeless. You will feel more productive and be engaged in things that you love to do. To most people this is known as living a “positive” or “negative” life. Removing repeated patterns of negative feelings and self talk are often the blockage for that keep so many of us feeling defeated.

Reiki and Energy Clearing is the perfect way to encourage energetic balance because it helps to restore and reset the areas of imbalanced negative emotions and physical issues within our bodies from the inside out.

The energy that you receive in a Reiki session can also be applied to the spaces that you live and work in as well. Stuck energy can create negative feelings from past experiences within a space, this energy can leave a heaviness behind which can affect the sense of balance and positivity within that space. Sometimes the energy is not necessarily negative but it may just not be aligned with the new occupants. And of course there are places that you may walk in and think to yourself “Something feels off here” and that is your instincts telling you that something does not align with your feeling and energy. THIS is a good thing actually and meant to protect you, not make you fearful. Just get out of the space and if it is a place that you have to spend time in then just clear the space! This can be done professionally or you can give it a try, just make sure that you learn how to do a space cleansing safely and correctly before trying it yourself.

A little extra tip from me: ALWAYS keep your spaces clear of “clutter” and “stuff” because it has been proven that cluttered spaces can cause confused energy and feelings of unsettled emotions. Have you ever noticed how amazing you feel after a spring cleaning? Yes, that feeling of release when you take a deep breathe when you are done cleaning everything out that you no longer need!

While most people use a sage that is burned and a sea shell to sage spaces, I highly recommend this product for beginners and those with asthma and breathing issues. It is a smoke free way to sage your home. Juniper Mist White Sage Spray for Cleansing. I LOVE this product and have been using it for years!

We ALL live in an energetic world and are effected in different ways by our surroundings. Energy cleansing is a good way to keep energetic vibrations high and positive in YOUR world!

Reiki and Energy Clearing