Say Goodbye to the Past

Happy Saturday Everyone!

While it is hard to do, we need to say goodbye to the past that does us more harm than good! This is something that we all need to do because it often holds us back from being happy when it is a negative experience. The past holds happy and unhappy life experiences and as we get older we experience more in our lives, it is how we respond and move on from these experiences that matter and take hold of our future!

The past year and half have been difficult for me and my life has changed rapidly. First in 2013, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, which as a health and wellness coach was hard for me to deal with knowing that they were giving her poison to try to make her better, I helped her through it all and coached her on her diet as best as I could but it was a very difficult experience to watch someone that you love so much feel that terrible. Two weeks after my mother finished her treatments, I lost the man who I thought was the love of my life suddenly without any warning, no he did not become ill or die, but honestly it was like he did! Today would have marked our six year anniversary! He chose to just up and leave, treating me harshly when I needed him most. I was nothing but kind and generous to him and his family and he turned his back on me, my mother and my family. While at the time it hurt to be treated so poorly by someone that I trusted and loved, after I processed the whole experience I came to realize I am so much better without such a cruel and selfish person in my life. We tend to take things personally but the reality is when someone treats you poorly it say a lot about them and nothing about you! I chose to let it all go and move on……..I call this emotional FREEDOM!

My mother did well and recovered from her treatments only to lose her battle with cancer a year later on February 6, 2014. My mother was a strong, loving and kind person. Everything I am and have become is because of her and her kindness to everyone around her. She taught me to love animals and all living things. She taught me the golden rule of “Do Unto Others”  It is these experiences that I will hold on to, not the negatives of the horrible illness that took her away from her family and friends.

There is so much negativity, sickness and selfishness in our world but also just as much love, compassion and charity, I have witnessed them both! I always say it is best not to watch the news since there are hardly ever stories of positivity and try to remove toxic people from your life. Learn to meditate and clear your mind to draw what you want into your life.

CHOOSE to be happy, embrace the positive experiences of your past and release and let go of the negative ones!  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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