Release-Reset-Be Free in 2023!

Release-Reset-Be Free in 2023!

We DO NOT do resolutions here at Fit, Healthy and Fabulous! But we DO believe in making the necessary adjustments in our lives that can help us reach our goals

Resolutions are fine for some but placing pressure on yourself for a deadline is not. We like to set intentions, put it pen to paper and create a strategy that works for each person individually. NO cell phones here sorry, pen to paper ONLY! One of the biggest stressors is too much time on devices in our spare time, it creates an electrical energy in your space that is not positive. There is something to be said about writing it down, the flow of your mind through the pen to that good old-fashioned paper is a game changer. It resonates in your mind, creates an energy in the crown chakra that starts the process of opening up your life to positive changes and better choices. This approach helps you recognize the patterns and habits that have been developed, the patterns that may be holding you back from your true self. It teaches you how you can work on adjusting them to a new pattern and healthier habits. 

NOW, get yourself a JOURNAL and let’s begin! This is the short version of the Fit, Healthy and Fabulous Release-Reset-Be Free sessions from our Rituals and Workshop services to give you a little boost of energy and confidence to move forward. 

To begin releasing what is not working for you start by sitting in a quiet, safe space where you will have no interruptions. Write down all the things that are holding you back and keeping you from the life that you want to create for yourself. Do you repeat the same bad habits, actions and responses to things in life? Do you constantly seem to have negative experiences? Whatever it is, this is the time to recognize what they are, get them out by writing it down pen to paper! When you have completed this list take a few moments to read them back and reflect on them. What are the triggers? Be truthful and honest with yourself (no one is watching) it is ok. You are SAFE here!

To reset you will now write down what makes you feel happy, motivated and peaceful. Close your eyes and think about things that come to mind, do they make you smile? If not remove them from your space they do not serve you in a positive way and should be in the release portion of this ritual. Where do you see yourself in a year from now? When you are finished, stand up if you are sitting and shake out your hands, move your body, remove any stagnant energy you may be holding onto, then take three deep breaths to reset your mind, body and spirit. Sit back down and review what you wrote down. Make sure that you covered all areas of concern, if it comes to mind it belongs on the paper for you to see and review in order to reset and free yourself of it!

NOW let’s get ready to “BE FREE” of all these feelings, emotions and things that are holding you back from living your best life today! There is no time like the present to live better and healthier and it starts with removing the negatives that are holding you back. We are going to take the things that you wrote down in the release portion of this exercise and replace them with the reset portion. 

Some of my clients like to place these side by side, this is your personal “ritual” do it as you feel it resonates with you. But again, not on the cellphone. After this is 100% complete you may take a photo of the pages to keep with you throughout the day to reflect upon and to help you stay on track and on a high vibration mindset!

The actual session for this ritual is a longer process and takes preparation and time dedicated to really dive in and grab those core issues and self-doubts and negative belief patterns.  This is just a simple excerpt for you to do at home without me as your coach one on one. 

Enjoy it! I hope it releases you to your amazing, energetic higher self! ~Gina

“Change” is automatic, “Progress” needs to be made- Tony Robbins