Healthy Aging and Exercise For Older Adults

The research is in on Healthy Aging and Exercise For Older Adults and Senior Citizen Fitness Programs!

Living a healthy lifestyle with the appropriate exercise and nutritional program is one of the best ways to enjoy good health, a longer life, improve your memory and mental abilities at any age. For older adults being fit can keep you out of an assisted living or nursing home facility and help you avoid age related injuries. As a matter of fact even people that are already in adult-senior care facilities can regain mobility, mental sharpness and a stronger body when they participate in a well rounded, safe and effective fitness program.

The best fitness program will include activities that address the three major areas for older adults, which are balance, aerobic capacity and strength. While all three of these are important, strength training is particularly important as we age because we start to lose muscle mass and function starting in our 30’s. This is a condition called sarcopenia. People who are inactive can lose an estimated 3% to 5% every decade starting as early as the age of 30. This causes reduced mobility, overall strength and arthritis as we continue to age.

This week I was out to dinner with my 78 year old father, there was a woman in her eighties sitting next to us. We somehow started talking and she said she was having issues with her knees, was taking multiple medications and that she already had one surgery and still needed to have the other knee operated on too. Noticing that she was overweight I asked her what she did for exercise, she laughed and said I am “too old” to exercise. The truth is the very reason she was in her unhealthy state was most likely due to lack of exercise, poor diet, being overweight and putting too much of that extra weight she was carrying on her knees on a daily basis throughout her lifetime.

It is never too late to create new habits. Starting a new exercise program today will prevent muscle deterioration, improve bone density, build strength, increase your stamina and longevity with an improved overall quality of life!

The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week, break that down to 30 minutes per day for five days per week for older adults and it is pretty easy to accomplish because most either work part time or are retired. So come on what are you waiting for? NOW is YOUR time to live life to it’s fullest! You deserve a life filled with a strong body, balance and healthy, happy days ahead!

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