Choose Happiness

Choose Happiness! Happy people live better lives and they live longer too!

Listen to YOU…That’s right LISTEN! Listen to what you complain about every day, write it down, make a plan to eliminate or deal with what you cannot change, try looking at it from a different angle. Many times, we react in the moment, step back and think before reacting to a situation. Did you know that complaining about the same issues over and over again can make those issues a lot bigger than they actually are? That is right, when you keep hearing it over and over again in your subconscious it can really make your perceived problems seem so much worse. Next time you find yourself complaining, stop and think about how it makes you feel, make an effort to stop going over the same things time and time again. Think of all the great things you actually do have and be grateful.

Exercise! A good workout session has been proven time and time again to boost endorphins and put you in a good mood. Make a workout session and YOU a priority. You can always find small blocks of time for exercise. I do not want to hear this excuse from people any longer! It seems to be yet “another” complaint that people repeat over and over, the time that you take on the phone or texting you can be working out. You only need to take 15 minutes a day to walk or 30 minutes every other day to do a quick workout in your home or go to the gym, just cut out the time that you can allow to get it done. The benefits of exercise are worth every minute. It will increase your mood, benefit your health, give you more energy and redirect your mood to a more positive mindset and place.

Listen to the conversations around you. Are the relationships, commitments or groups that you are involved with draining you? If you answered yes, it is time to move on. There is such a thing as “bowing out gracefully” from toxic people. Toxic relationships are deadly ones in my opinion and can cause great damage to one’s health. It is one thing to listen and be empathetic, but when someone is repeating the same patterns and complaints over and over again they need to seek the professional help that is needed to deal with their own situation and stop dumping their personal trash in other people’s back yard, so to speak. These very same people are often the people that call you to complain about all the negative things in their lives and then you see them posting pictures on social media whooping it up like a “Good Time Charlie” with others! Do not be their dumping ground! Set your boundaries and watch how much more positive and happy you feel after making these positve changes in YOUR life. If these people do not like your boundaries perhaps it really is time to close that door.

Here’s to Choosing Happiness!