Are You Tired Of Feeling Tired?

Are You Tired Of Feeling Tired?

Well, if you said yes, you are not alone, you answered the same as most people do. That is because we are living in a society where we are always on the go, a society where we never take the time to care for ourselves. This type of constant strain inevitably takes a toll on each of us, and often the effects strike when we least expect it. The results of this lifestyle? Simple, fatigue, resentment, premature aging, poor health and the inability to function properly on a daily basis. Simply put, we are trying to pour out of an empty cup day… after day… after day. Do you try to drive your car without gas or proper maintenance? You can’t so what makes us all think we can drive our bodies on poor maintenance and low fuel?

I want to talk about this topic today because it is easily one of the biggest complaints I get from my clients and prospective clients when inquiring about how they can get healthy and fit. They reach out to me for help because they are tired all the time and feel fatigued.

Today I am going to give you three simple tips on improving your energy and, in doing so, improving your health for years to come!

1). Sleep is a Priority

When I talk to clients about being tired one of my first questions is always on not only quality of sleep, but also quantity. How much are you sleeping each night, and how well are you sleeping? Believe it or not, chronic sleep deprivation can wreak havoc with your brain chemistry and cause all sorts of long term and seemingly unrelated problems. The first step is to pay attention to when and how well you are sleeping.

Some great tips for better sleep include:

  • Limiting screen time before bed. Studies show that exposure to blue light before sleeping can change brain patterns and make restful sleep harder to achieve.
  • Creating a restful environment. Removing distractions from your sleeping space can help you relax and achieve a more restful sleep. Use lavender spray on your pillows, this is one of my favorite little rituals before bed!
  • Exercise! We will talk more about this in a minute, exercise works to make the body tired and ready to recharge in a healthy way, unlike fatigue from constant stress on the mind and body. A tired body sleeps better and you will wake feeling more refreshed for a new day.
  • Limit alcohol before bed. Alcohol may seem to help you fall asleep initially, but it will disrupt the second half of sleep which is the most important because it interrupts REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Disrupted REM sleep can cause drowsiness, poor concentration, sleep apnea and will throw off your overall sleep patterns.

2). Make Time for Yourself

Many times, when I ask my clients what they are doing for themselves, they aren’t quite sure how to answer. This is mostly because in our culture doing something for yourself is equated with being selfish. My friends this is not the case! You are not really beneficial in any family, business or group activity if you are too mentally tired to function.

Let me ask it this way. How can you continue to care for everyone and everything around you if you are constantly trying to pour out of an empty cup? Here’s another thought. If you will not take care of yourself, how do you plan to take care of others?

It’s something to think about!

Ways to add self-care to your day:

  • Take time to do something you enjoy every single day. Even if you just carve out 15 minutes to walk around the block and clear your head, sit outside and read a book, it will help you relax and focus on the demands of tomorrow.
  • Mediate or stretch before bed. These activities help to calm and focus the mind which improves sleep quality while also offering a sense of well-being.
  • Take a Yoga class. Yoga, and other similar forms of exercise, provides you with a one-two punch in terms of your health. Not only do they work to burn calories and tone your body, but they also clear your mind and help energize you for the rest of the day.

3). Exercise!

What many people don’t realize is that exercise provides so many benefits beyond simply getting your body up and moving. It releases endorphins which relate to mood. It also improves practically every major system in your body, making them function more effectively as you improve your overall health. It improves the quality of your sleep and it has the ability to greatly improve your energy as your body grows leaner and stronger.

Working exercise into your busy day can include:

  • A 15-minute brisk walk around the block during your lunch break.
  • Joining a gym, taking classes or working with a trainer. Most trainers offer 30-minute condensed fitness sessions that pack a major fitness punch and are easy on the wallet too!
  • Finding a set of exercises videos, you enjoy and can follow in the comfort of your own home.

I WANT you to feel GOOD! I don’t want you to just burn a few calories and go on with your day, I want your quality of life to improve as you grow stronger and start getting more out of life. Take control of your day and you will start to take control of all areas of your life. Being fit and healthy is about the mind, body and soul!

If you have any questions about how we can work to improve your energy and quality of life, please reach out. I would love to hear about your goals and help you make a plan to achieve them!

Tired of feeling tired