Client Testimonials

I take great pride and feel blessed to have had such wonderful clients in my career as a Fitness Consultant, Personal Trainer, Reiki Practitioner and Health Coach. Please read some of the success stories and testimonials below to see what they are saying about their experience as a client.

WOW! I am amazed at the difference in my children! I have been getting them Reiki sessions with Gina for emotional issues and ADHD with amazing results. My son feels a sense of calm after a stressful day or situation and actually takes a nap and rests when he gets Reiki. Truly amazing! I am blessed to have found her and her gifts, she is part of our weekly routine and helps us stay on track. ~Gabriella R. (Reiki Clients)

If you are looking for a personal trainer who has a background in the medical field, Gina is the one for you! You can tell that she is experienced from her former career and knowledgable with the body as a whole, she even assesses you and your fitness goals from a completely different perspective, my osteoporosis and bone density is literally 100% improved since I am working with her and my energy level is through the roof! ~Lynn F. (Fitness Client)

I am a corporate working woman, wife and mother. I feel overwhelmed by my schedule at times and can feel the daily stress getting the best of me at times. I see Gina in person when I can and also do distance Reiki sessions with her. I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped me! Her Reiki sessions help to bring back balance and clear, positive thinking to my everyday life. ~ Suzanna T. (Reiki Client)

Let me start by saying that I am a firm believer in Western medicine, but Gina has opened my eyes to the benefit of Reiki. My dog, Professor, went through a bout of unusual symptoms: dizziness, rapid weight loss, confusion, stumbling and other neurological issues.  He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and started Enalapril.  Unfortunately, his symptoms remained once his BP was under control. We had a battery of expensive diagnostic tests run to r/o brain tumors, cancer, lime disease, etc. All of the tests were negative and we had no answer to our concerns.  This was when Gina began performing distance Reiki on Professor.  She informed me when she would be performing and I took care to notice my dog’s behavior after the sessions and report back to her. I noticed immediate improvement in my dog’s behavior after each of Gina’s sessions.  He was more energetic, less confused, no longer stumbling and most importantly he was happy. Gina continued Reiki sessions from 10/7/16-10/13/18 and then kept him in her weekly sessions.  He slowly but surely put on the 9 lbs that he lost and is no longer showing any signs of neurological symptoms.  Gina also advised me as to which household and medical chemicals could be harmful to my furry best friend.  I have no doubt that Gina’s healing energy helped my boy return to his normal, loving self!  Professor is now back to volunteering as a therapy dog and we have Gina to thank for that! ~Jennifer and Professor Harris and Pro (Animal Reiki Client)

My brother had gotten me 10 sessions as a Christmas gift, because I’ve always been struggling with my weight and my appearance. He told me I should try out Fit Healthy and Fabulous with the trainer named Gina. Sure enough, I went and I can happily say that i’m still on board to this day! Workout sessions with Gina are great. You get a COMPLETE full hour workout and are able to do more in the studio when your session is over (if you’d like). Gina really motivates me and gives great tips and advice as well. She’s very attentive, professional, caring and won’t let you do anything your body cannot. I feel so much better about myself after my workouts. When I get to my session, I tend to clear my mind and focus. I really enjoy it. I would highly recommend anyone to join Fit Healthy and Fabulous!!! Results ARE noticeable if you dedicate yourself to the lifestyle. ~Tina R. (Fitness Client)

Working with Gina is one-stop fitness. She offers exercise, nutritional, and healthcare counsel. As a trainer I find her motivating and funny, and conscientious in protecting my spinal disc issue. By following her advice and working out with her one to two times per week I reached my fitness goals in four months. ~ Ron C. (Fitness Client)

Gina is an amazing trainer. I literally felt I was in better shape after one session! She uses a combo of weight training and fat burning exercises that get quick results! ~Lisa F. (Fitness Client)

Gina was such an inspiration and help when my beloved Juno went missing. She put out her spirits and love to help me get Juno back. Without her help, I might have never been reunited. Once returned Juno was blessed to meet Gina in person and receive her personal love and Reiki to help her relax and recuperate from her 45-day journey outside on her own. Juno is a special girl who helps to bring people together and I am so thankful that she brought Gina to us. Thank you for the love and graciousness that is you. ~ Jill R and Juno (Animal Reiki Client)

Gina has been an inspiration to me. I am 63 years old and have not stuck with working out. Gina’s methods have me focused and determined. It is the first time in my life, I look forward to going to workout.~ Lon Z. (Fitness Client)

Gina is an excellent trainer! She is an expert at what she does and makes your health her priority. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a trainer or health coach. She will teach and guide you the correct way, as well as, make your time with her fun and enjoyable. I came to her in my early twenties, thin and overall a healthy person looking to tone my body and learn how to exercise effectively, as well as, safely. I have always been an active person who has played sports and belonged to a gym, but never have been able to get my body to gain muscle and tone like I’ve wanted. After working with Gina I have seen the changes I’ve always wanted, as well as improved posture and overall well being. She is an excellent trainer who goes above and beyond, so if you are looking to improve your health and fitness definitely give her a call. ~ Sunny B. (Fitness Client)

Gina has transformed my body and most importantly my confidence. I have a neck injury and she has been the first trainer (I have tried many!) who is aware of my limitations and works really hard to avoid any challenges that would cause me any risk yet gives me an aggressive and impactful work out. She is attentive, knowledgable, and focused and best of all she keeps things fun and interesting while healthy and challenging! I am stronger and in better shape and am continuously challenged. ~ Susan S. (Fitness Client)

“Since I have been working out with Gina I have become stronger, leaner, and more muscular then I have ever been. My workout is shorter and quicker now with greater results. I used to do hours of cardio but now I am able to achieve a smart workout in a lot less time, which makes a great difference in my busy life with young children. Gina is happy, fun, very knowledgable of health and fitness, and how to avoid injury in workouts. If you are looking to become lean and mean in 2012, and have a laugh or two while you are doing it, I highly recommend working out with Gina!” ~ Hope L. (Fitness Client)

Mac our yellow Labrador had a stem cell procedure done that was supposed to help with his arthritis in his hips. Instead of being beneficial he almost lost his life. We didn’t know for sure what was going on but we knew he was one very sick boy. Gina reached out to us with information about using Reiki Healing to help him. I trust and believe in alternative medicine and Reiki is non-invasive. We agreed to have Gina do Reiki on Mac. After she would do a session he always seemed calmer and more relaxed giving his body a chance to heal. We found out Mac had sepsis, I know that Gina helped to save Mac’s life. Her performing Reiki allowed Mac to rest, allowing his body to heal, promoted the fluid to leave his body, since he gained 20 pounds in excess fluid from all the complications. Not only did Gina do Reiki Healing on Mac but she was so very supportive offering up ideas and suggestions to get Mac to eat. She encouraged us to be positive when around Mac even though our hearts were breaking to also encourage Mac not to give up. There are not enough words to express how thankful we are that Gina stepped up for our Mac. Her knowledge, caring, and kindness saved Mac’s life. ~ Debra L. and Mac (Animal Reiki Client)

“I am a 70 plus female and have been seeing Gina as my personal trainer. Since my exercise & weight training sessions, I find that my upper and lower body strength improved, stability, and my Osteoporosis Condition has stabilized. Presently, I utilize many of the weight training options which previously were not part of my routine.” ~ Diane M. (Fitness Client)

“When I first started training with Gina, I felt an immediate connection with her as a person.  With her extreme knowledge of training and willingness to listen I’ve felt extremely comfortable with her training me and trust her completely.  Don’t get me wrong, Gina can be pretty persistant and tough, but doesn’t everyone need that when trying to get in shape?  Gina’s training process isn’t your typical BORING time of lifting weights – she makes getting fit FUN.  She not only cares about your physical being, but your health as well.  We are always getting updates on what’s good for you health wise.  Laughter is one thing that you’ll do while working out with Gina, and believe it or not you’re actually working out while laughing!  Gina started off as my trainer, and now she has become a good friend.” ~ Tracey G. (Fitness Client)

“After sitting behind a desk for twenty-five years, I was looking to jump start an exercise program and live a healthier lifestyle. I began training with Gina and I am amazed at the results, the changes to my physical appearance are very apparent and my energy levels haven’t been this high in years! Gina is challenging and very supportive. She has not only customized my workouts to suit my appropriate level and age, but due to her medical background has made excellent recommendations regarding medical issues and diet. If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and want a trainer who is going to pay attention to the entire person, than hiring Gina as your trainer is the solution!” ~ Joann H. (Fitness Client)

“I’ve never been able to stick with going to a gym regularly until I started training with Gina. She is extremely well versed in all genres of fitness and has the ability to know what will work best for your body and can get you the results you want. Having back problems for years prevented me from sticking to a routine but Gina’s expertise in this area has gotten me through many times when I wanted to quit. I think Gina is very intuitive when it comes to a woman’s body and the physical challenges that we often have to deal with.” ~ Meryl S. (Fitness Client)

“What a great private studio with quality one on one as well as group fitness training, Gina is a knowledgable trainer that designs your workouts to meet your fitness goals and does a great job keeping you motivated and engaged and the price is perfect for my budget!” ~ Joanie V. (Fitness Client)

“WOW! Finally a fitness specialist who knows what they are doing! I spent years and money training the old fashion way and never getting results and always feeling frustrated, Gina has the formula for getting results, her training style is incredible and results driven with the added benefit of her health coaching and food journalling! I am a happy man with over 10+ pounds in wieght loss!” ~ Robert T.(Fitness Client)

“Gina clearly delivers on the goals that you want to attain. She is truly a great trainer and inspirational. Sign up for a private training, you will be glad you did!” ~ Brandy S. (Fitness Client)

I have to say I have never felt better! Having the extra help with the guidance Gina gives about food choices and living a healthy lifetyle is priceless! The simplest things that I was doing everyday that were not healthy once removed, have had a major difference in how I feel, thank you for making me feel healthy and giving me more energy to live life to it’s fullest! ~ Dave T. (Fitness/Health Coaching Client)

I am a 52 year old woman that was dealing wth all the issues of perimenopause and menopause, Gina clearly knows how to deliver advise and action to help reduce belly fat, mood swings and a few other pieces of professional advise to make it easier to deal with and helped me feel healthy and fit again!  Thank you for all your help I feel like a new woman! ~ Meghan M. (Fitness/Health Coaching Client)

Gina is my personal trainer and health coach for several months now. When I was looking for a change in my life and lifestyle, I was looking for someone that would be able to work with me on various fitness levels and also personal health levels that I needed. What I found in Gina were the qualities I felt were important to me for a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Such as, Gina personally cares about my health, and it is a direct reflection upon her training , coaching and guidance. Gina wants me to succeed to become as healthy as I possibly can, she is very encouraging, and we all need a little encouraging now and again. Gina knows what she is talking about, she has knowledge and experience that is helping me get into shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gina leads by example, she herself, is fit, eats healthy and works out hard and I feel that is another reason why she is effective in helping me. Gina put “personal” into Personal Training. She watches carefully while you exercise to ensure that your form is correct. Communication is important to me and if you need Personal Training and Health Coach related questions answered, she is prompt with a reply via e-mails. Gina is very professional in all aspects of her profession, after one meeting, I knew I found the right trainer and coach. Gina also has a personality I feel comfortable with and she truly has my best interest in mind. I’m sure she will have yours too. I highly recommend a consultation with Gina if you are looking for a Personal Trainer and Health Coach.” ~ Jeff L. (Fitness/Health Coaching Client)

Gina is an amazing coach, she supports you 100% through the process of getting fit and losing weight.  I learned things about food ingredients and making better food choices that I would never have learned on my own!  I cannot praise and thank her enough for leading me to the healthiest and best me I could ever be, I highly recommend her to help kick start and teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle, she is the best! ~ Amanda D. (Fitness Client)

I believe that Reiki really helped my girl Sara. When she was so slow, barely walking and in pain, you reached out to me and mentioned doing Reiki. It was almost that night she was practically back to herself. After a few nights, she was back to her happy self. I can’t thank you enough for helping ease her pain. ~ Karrie V. and Sara (Animal Reiki Client)

Gina is a first-rate trainer. Extremely knowledgeable, good sense of humor, and always errs on the side of caution. None of that “no pain, no gain” nonsense. The facilities are clean and staff members courteous and professional at her studio. I highly recommend her for any age and any fitness goal. ~ Alan W. (Fitness Client)

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