Happy Fit New Year 2017

Happy Fit New Year 2017

The holidays are over and now is the time to get your body back to it’s full potential! No more of those heavier foods, parties and yummy seasonal treats everywhere.

The problem with this type of eating is it can jump start a”bad” lifestyle if you are not careful because it can initiate feelings of guilt, depression, low energy, bloating and inflammation that comes with poor food choices.

The Following Are a Few Simple Fitness Tips For A Successful New Year Resolution:

Choose an attainable goal for yourself. Choosing to make a fitness resolution year after year that you have been unsuccessful at in the past only sets you up for frustration and failure. The average success rate for New Years resolutions is 20% but there are ways to assure that you will be in that 20% category. Here are a few of my own ideas to get you on your way to your own personal success and how to enjoy exercise and a healthier lifestyle. First of all, I believe that fitness needs to be a part of your everyday life and that you need to give yourself a break and realize that results take time and a lot of effort on your part, most experts agree that it takes about 21 days to create a habit and six months for it to actually become part of your everyday life and you need to mentally prepare yourself for your fitness success. Most people focus on the SCALE and the number that they see for their weight, this is considered one of your “ BAD” habits and it should be the FIRST resolution that you make and keep. It will make you lose focus on your goal when you are too focused on the negative thoughts of your weight.

My advice to people who really want to achieve their fitness goals for 2017 is to start training before the holiday season and not wait until January when you already have overdone all the extra food, holiday cheer and parties that come with the holiday season, try not to wait until you feel bad about your weight and all the excess calories. But if you did not, no worries, you can still get in the best shape of your life with the right fitness program. Avoid going into a fitness resolution full force, this is where the 20% group succeed because they do not start off too accelerated, they start out gradually and make the necessary adjustments that it takes to succeed with their fitness goals.

Healthy living is a combination of: * Eating Nutritious Whole Foods * Exercise and an Effective Fitness Program * Weight Management and Avoiding a High Body Fat (BMI) * Stress Management, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Massage * Surrounding Yourself With Positive, Upbeat People *Avoiding too much Alcohol and Smoking * Making and Keeping Appointments with Your Doctors and Dentist

Need an extra boost? Juicing is a great way to kick start your fitness routines and keep you on track after all of the festivities!I have been juicing for a while now and I LOVE the results and the feeling that I get after a 3 day juice is amazing. After the three days, I feel positive and healthy, my skin looks amazing and my body and mind feel recharged and reset. You too can enjoy the benefits of juicing to kick start your metabolism, nourish your body and prepare for a healthy holiday season, you can even juice every few months through the entire New year too!

One of my favorite juice companies is located right in NY! Juice From The Raw is a local family run business located in Brooklyn, NY. This company has been in the juicing business since 1976! They are committed to providing you with delicious, fresh, organic ingredients and all at the best prices around AND they actually gave me a coupon specifically for my clients to order fresh juices, shipped conveniently to your home! It is easy and simple, just order online or call Juice From The Raw and use coupon code fithealthyfab55 and you will receive 55% OFF your total order!

I believe in a smaller, intimate one on one approach to fitness. I am dedicated to staying focused on my clients individually to help each one reach their health and fitness goals and to keep them on track moving forward to an actual lifestyle change. It is not just about “reaching” the goal at Fit, Healthy and Fabulous, LLC it is about reaching it by learning how to live a healthy lifestyle along the way and keeping it. I want my clients to feel that they are top priority and to be comfortable coming to me with any health or fitness concerns that they may have. The end result should be that they feel fit, toned, have more flexibility and a positive outlook everyday when they get out of bed!

Now go out there and claim 2017 as the healthiest year of your life!


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