Motivation And The Lack Of It

Motivation And The Lack Of It!

Motivation, do you lack it? Stop making excuses and find the time to get healthy.

The top two excuses that I hear are “I don’t have time to exercise” and “I don’t have the money to join a fitness program”.

I don’t have time to exercise. You need to make the time and put some effort into your health and wellness. So many people want to get healthy and feel fit, but they get caught up in the “Busy Being TOO Busy Whirlwind” everyday. We are all busy doing things that make up our everyday lives, working, daily errands, taking the kids to after school activities, watching our favorite TV shows, having drinks or coffee with our friends, and you can add the honey do lists in there too. You have no problem finding the time for all of these things that you need and want to do, now you need to find the time to do the things that make you “able” to get all those things done, if you do not take care of your health and well being your body will start to let you know when it is not functioning properly, our bodies can only handle so much being on auto pilot. Think about how you feel when all you do is go, go, go and not take time for yourself, you feel back pain, neck stiffness, headaches, stomach problems and you may even feel short tempered and cranky. Just 30 minutes of exercise every day has been proven to help people handle life better, exercise reduces stress and blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, improves mood and can help those who suffer from depression and the list goes on…..

I don’t have the money. Some people really do not have the extra money, BUT you can still take a group class, or get a few friends to start a small group training class for very little cost or you can start a walking group for no cost at all. What I find mind blowing is when I see people with high priced cars, expensive clothes, shoes and handbags and yet they claim that they cannot afford a personal trainer or health coach. I know it is just another excuse when I hear this, they need to see the value of a good health and fitness program and how it can improve their lives. Remember one thing, you cannot place a price tag on good health and a fit, properly functioning body.

I have never had one client tell me that they regret taking the time or spending the money to reach their fitness goals, lose the targeted weight we set for them or complain about waking up with more energy and excitement for the day ahead!

The truth is sometimes all you really need is a little extra inspiration and encouragement to get motivated. Once you start a fitness program you will learn to enjoy the time spent getting healthy and look forward to the feeling it provides, and soon it too will become part of your routine and budget!

Being healthy and fit is definitely a lifestyle, a commitment and a decision, you have to ask yourself how do I want to feel at the end of each day? The choice really is yours and no one else’s.