Reiki and Exercise

Transform Your Life with Reiki and Exercise combined!

Most people do not recall every life experience that they have ever had, but our body and mind have a way of remembering everything that we have ever felt throughout our lives. It seems the body never forgets, luckily that includes ALL of the positive experiences too! This not only includes our body and mind it includes our chakra system. This energetic power system holds on to all of our negative and positive moments and experiences to form the foundation of our true self. Carrying harmful energy throughout our lives can create internal imbalances if left unresolved, holding onto things from your past has been studied and proven to cause illnesses. For many years in my fitness business I have stressed to my clients the importance of working with the human core which is also known as the center of our body. When we strengthen our core we become more grounded and supported through movement and breath work. Breath work, movement and Reiki can help release and heal trapped emotions that you may be holding onto.

Have you ever noticed that you hold your breathe when you are stressed or upset? This is a perfect example of how we can create stagnant energy in our body. This is the type of energy that blocks the chakra system. Meditation is great for releasing blocked energy and I highly recommend the practice of meditation, but this is more than that.

Discover the way your chakras work, learn to free trapped feelings in your body and you will notice a newly created space for new, more positive experiences and joy to enter into your life.

Using the power of movement with a healthy fitness program, meditation and Reiki will improve your mobility, fitness level, clear away stagnant energy to help you feel less stress and more at ease within yourself. This combination taps into your body’s natural healing process and well-being.

This amazing fitness program will help you uncover a greater sense of self awareness, release trapped energy and can strengthen your intuition. Let go of old habits, break negative patterns and past issues that are holding you back from living your best life.

I guide my clients to reach within their physical body to release negative emotions and embrace the outcome of true happiness and a peaceful spirit. You really can learn to transform mental, emotional and physical ways of living by learning to control your mind, emotions and reactions from everyday stress and experiences. You can achieve lasting results by developing new healthy habits, self commitment and new emotional wisdom to reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Physically we exercise and nourish our body to be strong, healthy and fit. We meditate and do breathe work to create peace and harmony within. We raise our spirit by raising our internal vibration with self love, gratitude and joy. These three things are the trinity of wellness. They are the key to connecting YOU to YOU! Stop running in circles, feeling stressed and our of balance and start working on your inner self to develop this connection and watch how things get better in your life.

At Fit, Healthy and Fabulous we train YOU as a whole person with the Body, Mind and Spirit approach. Clearing out negative thoughts and positively aligning these three areas of your life will help you to focus on your health and fitness goals, help you become more confident, find your true purpose, help you to realize what really makes you happy. Learn to LOVE your body, your mind and your spirit too!

Live the life you were meant to live! Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your health and fitness goals.