Healthy Bones and Exercise

Healthy Bones and Exercise go hand in hand. Your strength truly comes from within when it come to your bones! Your bones keep you standing tall and moving in proper alignment. Did you know that your bones also store essential minerals and protect your vital organs too? That’s right not only do they keep you in motion they keep you safe and protected too!

There are over 10 million people effected by osteoporosis in the United States alone! It is important that you are doing everything possible to keep your bones healthy and strong. The key to healthy bones is prevention.

My number one tip is, weight training! Weight training is not just for toning up your muscles, there is just nothing better than picking up a set of dumb-bells for increasing and maintaining bone density. Strengthening your bones is the best line of defense in the prevention of osteoporosis. With so many trendy fitness programs many people are being drawn to everything BUT weight training, while cardiovascular exercise is healthy for the heart we are talking healthy bones here and weight training is the way to go! If you’re not sure how to properly train with weights and dumb-bells consult a personal trainer or fitness specialist. If you have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis and are being treated for it, you can talk to your doctor and physical therapist about exercise and a referral for a certified personal trainer that has experience with this population of clientele. May women who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis have reported an increase in balance and a reduced fear of falling after starting a weight training program, furthering the benefits with a reduced fall risk. You should aim for 30 minutes of weight training, three times per week. As with any new fitness routine, you should speak to your doctor before starting a new program that requires physical activity, once your doctor clears you, don’t wait, get started on the road to healthy bones and exercise for a better lifestyle and a healthier future!

Calcium and Vitamin D play a key role in bone health. Calcium helps build and maintain strong bones while vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. The added benefit of vitamin D is that it can help some people with depression and mood swings, which is why it is commonly called the “sunshine ” vitamin.

For women who are experiencing peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause the bone building process slows down at these stages in life, so talk to your doctor about getting tested for vitamin D levels and supplementation. This stage in life is a celebration not a negative as society likes to make it seem, which makes many women misunderstand the process of menopause. Though the term “menopause” is often used as a blanket statement referring to all the stages of menopausal transition the transition can actually start as early as a women’s 30’s. I find that educating yourself on this important stage in life along with daily exercise, an organic, whole food, natural diet and a healthy mindset is your best line of defense!

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