Stay Fit Together

Stay Fit Together. The studies have spoken! Couples who exercise together and make healthy choices to eat right have healthier, happier relationships.

Working out together is good for your heart, your mind and your soul. Working out together helps your relationship stay healthy, happy and positive. You will create a closer bond because will you get to spend more quality time together, you will also look better, choose healthier food options together and keep each other motivated and on track.

When your romantic partner is also your workout partner, they completely understand and respect you and your health and fitness goals. They understand why going to the gym or getting in a fitness routine anywhere that you choose is a priority for you. Couples who work out together already have the commitment and accountability to each other, this is just another area of a relationship where commitment is needed all they need to do is commit to be fit together. It’s harder to make excuses with your significant other there to account to, with the benefit of your sweetheart cheering you on you will keep each other motivated to stay on track. One of the benefits of couple training is that they can do exercises that were developed for two, such as partner push-ups and core ball tosses.

You’ll look amazing together! Fit, toned and confident with a healthy glow When you are active, exercise regularly and eat right you will have better circulation and overall body function which will give you that healthy, vibrant look.

Your sex life will benefit too. Couples that exercise regularly and are physically fit tend to have more self and body confidence. Countless studies show fit couples report that their sex lives become far better after they get physically fit. Exercise reduces stress, and as many will agree, stress is a huge libido crusher. Being fit increases your energy, strength, endurance and flexibility which certainly doesn’t hurt in the bedroom. You strong, sexy thing you!

Couples that are committed to a fit, lifestyle tend to choose better food options and cook healthy meals together. Spending time in the kitchen cooking becomes a team effort and a great bonding experience. It allows for quality one on one time together, learning how to live healthy, creating new and exciting dishes as a couple is fun and allows for creativity to flow. Couples who plan and cook meals together tend to be happier than those who constantly order take out or frequent restaurants for meals, which as we all know take out and restaurant foods are undisclosed calories and added ingredients that we cannot control. PS: Don’t forget to do my favorite part of couple’s healthy lifestyle training in the kitchen, crank up the music, drink a “little” high quality, healthy wine and dance in between all the healthy cooking. Yes, wine is good in moderation!

There are so many activities that you can add to your health and fitness lifestyle every week. A few examples are pre-and post dinner walks, gardening, hiking, walking around the city, visiting museums, you can even join local charity runs and marathons too.

As many of you know I love dogs! I rescue and volunteer with dogs and I am happy to say that walking your dog has been proven very healthy too. The North American Association on the Study of Obesity shows that dog-owners were healthier and fit, they also had more fun losing weight by walking their furry friend and were able to keep the weight off longer than non-pup-owners do. If you do not own a dog you can volunteer together at a local shelter to walk shelter dogs while they are waiting for their forever homes.

Wishing you success in your fitness goals, a fit and healthy body and lots of love!