Habits Of Thin People

What are the habits of thin people anyway? And why don’t they have issues with weight gain like most of us? Or do they and we need to find out more…

It turns out they do have a few secrets up their sleeves! And after asking a few different people that were considered “thin” this is what I learned.

Thin people only eat when they are hungry. This is an issue for many people who eat when they are stressed or bored. This poor habit can be a game changer in a person’s weight loss goals for sure. Simple solution, eat if you are hungry and if you do not feel hungry, don’t eat!

Thin people are mindful of what they put on their plates, most eat minimal meat products and rarely eat processed foods. They also watch their portions, if they feel like having more then they will add it to their plate after finishing the first serving.

When snacking they all said they pour the amount they are going to eat into a bowl and they never eat out of the bag, which keeps the portion and calories down. This is always a smart approach to snacking. Most chose almonds, fruit and whole food snacks when they snacked. I am not a fan of processed so called “healthy” or “all natural” snack bars and was happy that none of them were either.

Each person admitted to having had an alcoholic beverage on special occasions, at parties or dinner on weekends, but overall alcohol consumption was low across the board.

They were active, exercised 3-5 times per week, did weight training and some of the daily habits they practice are simple, such as parking away from stores to walk more, always taking the stairs and every one I asked had a dog and walked everyday with their dog, which made me very happy since I am such a huge dog lover!

They enjoyed life, spent valuable time with their families and seemed to have  a good group of friends. The one thing I realized is they took life day by day, they did not stress out as much as most of us do, they all seemed to live in the present and did not have that crazy go, go, go high energy. In a world where this is the normal way of life it was refreshing to experience in people. If our goal is trying to live a healthy, fit life then maybe we all need to evaluate the way we are living. Just a thought 🙂

Thank you to the fabulous “thin” people that helped me with their input on this blog. If together we can help just one person we have served our purpose!

Fitness Habits of Thin People